Nathan Rozentals

Nathan Rozentals has been writing commercial software for over 24 years. Starting with mainframe COBOL, then moving on to C, followed by C++ and Java, and finally settling on C# and ASP.NET. He has been working with and writing blogs about the TypeScript language, since its release towards the end of 2012. In TypeScript, he found a language through which he could bring all of the object-oriented design patterns and unit testing practices that he had learned over the years, through a variety of languages, to JavaScript.
Nathan currently works in the Health Industry, bringing touch-screen interfaces to medical systems; thereby enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions for clinicians and hospital staff. He is passionate about code quality, unit testing, and Continuous Integration (CI) and has helped many large teams implement CI, across many different software projects, in many different languages.
When he is not coding, Nathan loves windsurfing and playing soccer; he is also an avid Liverpool FC supporter. You can find Nathan's blog at


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