George Tiffin

George Tiffin is a writer and film-maker who has travelled from Siberia to the Seychelles shooting and directing music videos and commercials. He is the author of the thriller MERCY ALEXANDER.



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true stars permanent celestial bodies who radiate their own light, and who form constellations by which we navigate the history of cinema itself.
A genuine star is ageless, unchangeable and fixed, even as the world turns beneath her. Some court that fame, like Gloria Swanson:
Ive gone through enough of being a nobody. I have decided that when I am a star, I will be every inch and every moment the star!
Others shun it, as Ava Gardner did:
What Id really like to say about stardom is that it gave me everything I never wanted.
Even so, everyone applauds when a star is born. This book charts the history and, most especially, the very first appearance of seventy-five actresses who have
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Most importantly, the particular movie I have chosen to focus on will not necessarily be the subjects best known, but the one that established them as a star in the fullest sense of the word.
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