Дарья Патрушевацитуєторік
How many languages are there? At present, well over 6,500.
Дарья Патрушевацитуєторік
Every spoken language contains a small number of basic sound units, or phonemes. Among the phonemes of English are /k/, /æ/ and /t/. If we produce these phonemes in the order /kæt /, we get the word cat. But the order /tæk/ gives us tack, while /ækt/ yields act, /æt/ gives at, and /tækt/ gives tact or tacked (which are pronounced identically, in spite of their different structures).
Дарья Патрушевацитуєторік
A sign language is a real language, just like English or Spanish. A sign language can be acquired by a child as its first language. A sign language has a large vocabulary and a rich and elaborate system of grammar: breaking a rule of grammar is just as bad in a sign language as it is in a spoken language.
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