Lynda Bevan

Lynda Bevan lives in a picturesque village in South Wales, United Kingdom. She is 59 years of age, married for the third time, with three (adult) children. During her teens and early twenties, she pursued and enjoyed acting and taught drama at local Youth Centers.
Her 22-year career has involved working in the area of mental health, with the two major care agencies in the UK, Social Services and the National Health Service.
After the birth of her third child, and with her second mar-riage ending, she became employed by Social Services and climbed through the ranks to senior management level with some speed.
During her career with Social Services, she developed a passion for counseling and psychotherapy and worked extensively with mental health patients within the organization, setting up counseling projects in Healthcare Centers. The task was to tackle the issue of doctors who inappropriately referred patients to Psychiatric Hospitals for therapy when they had experienced events that arise in normal everyday life, e.g., divorce, anxiety, depression, bereavement, stress, loss of role. It was during this time that she became involved in marital/relationship counseling and, coincidentally, was experi-encing difficulties within her own relationship. The experience of working in this environment, and her own relationship issues, enabled Lynda to be innovative; creating methods of coping and developing strategies that enabled her and her patients to live within their problematic relationships. These strategies were devised and offered to patients
who had clearly identified that they did not want to separate or proceed with the divorce process.
After taking early retirement from Social Services, she be-came employed by the National Health Service as a Counselor in the Primary Healthcare Setting. During this pe-riod in her career, she began using the strategies she had developed with patients who were referred for relationship counseling and who did not want to end their partner-ship/marriage. These strategies have been used extensively over a ten-year period with impressive results.
Lynda is presently employed as a Manager of a charity that supports people who are HIV positive. She is also the Resident Relationship Counselor on Swansea Sound Radio
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