Margaret Bennett

from Amazon author pageBorn in Fall River, MA, I have lived most of my life in Norfolk, VA. Professionally, I have a diversified background. I have earned a Master of Education from the University of Virginia and certification with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Adolescents and Young Adulthood / English Language Arts. I have taught middle and senior high school students for over twenty years, with nine years in alternative education for at-risk students.I started writing Regency romance novels as a hobby, and now that I am retired in Port Royal, SC, I am fortunate to be able call this my second career. Kindle e-books have allowed me to grow as a writer. With each novel, I have made mistakes but I have learn so much along the way. I read all my reviews and, thankful that people have taken the time to read and critique one of my novels, take them to heart.


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