Paul Johnson

PAUL JOHNSON is the owner of San Francisco's Monterey Fish Market, which he founded in 1979. A former chef himself, he supplies fish to chefs such as Alice Waters and Thomas Keller and serves on the advisory board of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program.




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Our recollections of happiness are glimpses. They have much to do with our age, our state of mind, our expectations, our innocence even
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It is only when we escape from time, as well as space, that we can possibly begin to imagine what Heaven will be like. When astronauts are being trained for trips into space, one of the things they have to learn is to cope with weightlessness. Coping with timelessness is far more difficult. In fact we would not know how to start. The very word ‘start’ is time-bound. We and our bodies are more thoroughly prisoners of time than we are held captive by space. We can move now at will on this earth-and will soon move about space with comparative freedom-but we cannot get out of the time dimension at all. Even when we have the peculiar experience of flying West and appearing to gain hours-or even if we cross the Pacific capturing a whole extra day-it is always taken away from us in the end. It it an illusion that we can escape from time, even for an instant, in this world. Yet that is precisely the first thing we do when we enter the next, and therein lies the huge difference and the chief obstacle to imagining it. No satiation, no culmination, no climax, no boredom, no repetition, no expectation or recollection, no delay or waiting, no sense of time passing, nothing impending or imminent or changing-just one timeless instant of total ecstasy.
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Almighty and eternal God, I thank you for having created the world, for having created me and put me on it, and for giving me family, friends and a job to do. I thank you especially for giving all of us the gift of free will.
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