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Arnold Bennett

Enoch Arnold Bennett (always known as Arnold Bennett) was one of the most remarkable literary figures of his time, a product of the English Potteries that he made famous as the Five Towns. Yet he could hardly wait to escape his home town, and he did so by the sheer force of his ambition to succeed as an author. In his time he turned his hand to every kind of writing, but he will be remembered for such novels as The Old Wives' Tale, the Clayhanger trilogy (Clayhanger, Hilda Lessways, and These Twain), and The Card. He also wrote such intriguing self-improvement books as Literary Taste, How To Live on 24 Hours a Day, The Human Machine, etc. A number of biographies have appeared over the years, and I suggest that Margaret Drabble's is probably the best. KF
роки життя: 27 Травня 1867 27 Березня 1931



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It is always the man who has tasted life who demands more of it.
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but it is less disastrous to waste eight hours a day than sixteen hours a day; it is better to have lived a bit than never to have lived at all.
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if your ordinary day's work is thus exhausting, then the balance of your life is wrong and must be adjusted


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Old but nice

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Hell yeah

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Good old pieces of advice: read, learn new things, reflect, manage your time better, plan and stick to your it.
The best thing is, tho, that it’s a very short book that just hits a bull’s-eye without too much irrelevant extra information that modern writers sometimes love to include in their books.

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