Shrikant Prasoon


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It’s really wonderful that one perfect tree comes out of one perfect seed and again that tree yields many such perfect seeds for many more perfect trees; and thus the continuity is maintained. That is perfect and this is also perfect; and after getting one perfect from another perfect; both remain perfect. It’s the system behind the creation and on this system the creation has sustained so far. And if man refrains from interfering into that eternal system it may continue and grow for billions of more years to come.
Alexandra Skitiovaцитує2 роки тому
Aum, the Sachidãnandghan, Divine Brahman, the Perfect is always perfect from all the points of view. The universe is also complete and perfect because of Him as this perfect has come out of that perfect. Therefore, the universe is perfect because of His perfection; that is why He too is perfect. Even when we take out perfect from that perfect Divinity yet the Brahman remains perfect.
Alexandra Skitiovaцитує2 роки тому
Bhadram no api wãtaya mano dakshamuta kratum.

(Rigveda 10:25:1)

O God! Give us liberal heart, generous work and bountiful strength.
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