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Karen Casey

Karen Casey is the bestselling American author and lecturer. Her first book, Each Day a New Beginning, has sold over 4 million copies since its release in 1982. The combined sales of her 29 works total more than 6 million copies. And they are available in more than a dozen languages.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, Karen attended Purdue University, where she met and married her first husband. She taught elementary school and then moved to Minnesota with her husband, who was pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. As their marriage ended, Karen also entered graduate school and earned a Doctorate in American Studies with a focus on Native American Studies.

Karen Casey's journey began with her first drink at age 13, a desperate attempt to quell her anxiety, and it seemed to work until it didn't. Combined with her search for solace in the relationship, she found herself in co-dependency.

She walked into her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 1976, where she experienced a profound awakening and realized how life could change. But even then, it wasn't easy. Despite nearly 18 months of sobriety, Karen found herself on the brink of suicide, with towels for tucking around the windows and a plan in motion.

Despite her struggle to feel God's presence, Karen found solace in prayer and listening, and her willingness allowed God's words of comfort to trickle in. Writing had always come easily to her. The first initial experience of listening and writing became her debut, Each Day A New Beginning, a daily meditation book for women in recovery.

Since then, Karen has written more than two dozen additional books, touching the lives of over 6.5 million readers.

Her other bestselling books include A Life of My Own (1993), A Woman's Spirit (1994), Keepers of the Wisdom (1996), and Fearless Relationships (2003).

Casey is also a popular public speaker on the spirituality conference circuit. She is passionate about helping others in Twelve Step support groups, where her own recovery from addiction began over three decades ago.

Karen Casey shares her time between Minnesota and Florida.

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