Remo H. Jansen

Remo H. Jansen is a web development engineer, open source contributor, entrepreneur, technology lover, gamer, and Internet enthusiast.
He is originally from Seville, Spain, but currently lives in Dublin, Ireland, where he has a full-time job in the financial services industry. Remo has been working on large-scale JavaScript applications for the last few years, from flight booking engines to investment and portfolio management solutions.
Remo is an active member of the TypeScript community. He is the organizer of the Dublin TypeScript Meet-up and the creator of InversifyJS (an inversion of control container for TypeScript applications) and AtSpy (a test spies framework for TypeScript applications). He also writes a blog about TypeScript and other web technologies at
Remo has previously worked as a technical reviewer on Mastering TypeScript written by Nathan Rozentals and published by Packt Publishing.
If you wish to contact him, you can do so at
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