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    The seven of cups shows a person faced with seven visions or desires. You have various options open to you – perhaps not all of them for the highest good – what option will you pick? Which road will you take? This card reminds you to use creative visualization techniques to create the life you want, and cautions you to choose wisely and base your decision on reality, not temptations guided by wishful thinking or illusions.
    b8538476268цитує3 місяці тому
    The Knight of Wands is the teen or youth of the Family. It indicates that action is needed or will be taken soon. Get ready for a bit of an adventure. Often, it can show that the querent will be traveling to an exotic, foreign or unknown land.
    The sky glimmered darkly overhead, though Yuki was making a short visit to lend her auspicious blessings to the day of Harai – purification rituals and celebrations to
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