Bill McGowan

Bill McGowan, Founder and CEO of Clarity Media Group, is the first person many industry leaders call when they want to excel in a media interview or speech. Since 2001, he has been a trusted advisor and media coach to clients at the top of their game: Eli Manning, Shery Sandberg, Jack Welch, Mary J. Blige, Thomas Keller, Pat Benetar, Holly Hunter, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Isaac Mizrahi to name only a few.Bill utlizies the experience he amassed in his 20+ years as a two-time Emmy Award-winning television journalist. In that time he reported and produced over 700 nationally televised stories for such premiere programs such as ABC News 20/20, CBS News 48 Hours, Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel, Dow Jones Television and MSNBC. He has devised interviewing strategies for news figures such as Charlie Rose, Connie Chung, Bryant Gumbel and Bill O’Reilly. In front of the camera, he has anchored hundreds of hours of news and information programming and has conducted thousands of interviews with newsmakersAs the CEO of Clarity Media Group, Bill has coached hundreds of clients for various high-stakes events such as TED Talks, major university commencement addresses, 60 Minutes interviews and Today Show appearances. His clients emerge from his coaching sessions exuding more confidence and command in front of a camera and an audience. He has helped transform from proficient to polished the public speaking abilities of executives from companies like Facebook, Google, The New York Times, Deutsche Bank, Spotify, Harley Davidson, Bloomberg and Campbell’s Soup.





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