Aurora Russell

A contemporary and paranormal romance author, Aurora Russell is known for her fantasy-inspired narratives.

Russell's unique writing quirk involves pairing specific types of tea with her stories, enhancing her creative process. As a child, her ambitions were diverse, ranging from being an orthopedic surgeon to owning a hobby farm.

Her writing journey began in first grade, inspired by a supportive teacher who encouraged her prolific writing. Despite having a busy corporate job and being a mother to two young children, she dedicates her early mornings and post-bedtime hours to writing.

While on maternity leave, Russell, who has been passionate about reading and writing since childhood, turned to romantic fiction and published her debut novel Falling for the Tycoon (2019).

Afterwards, there was The Au Pair and the Beast (2021), which featured a young American woman who became an au pair in a mysterious castle in Maine.

Originally from the upper Midwest, Aurora Russell now enjoys life in New England with her family.

Picture credit: aurorarussellauthor.wordpress.com




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This book was so amazing…love the detailed love scenes and the whole story💜

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Перетягніть файли сюди, не більш ніж 5 за один раз