Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov is a Yahoo! web developer, Zend Certified Engineer, book author, and contributor to the international PHP community. He talks regularly about JavaScript, PHP, and other web development topics at conferences and his blog www.phpied.com and also runs a number of other sites, including JSPatterns.com - a site dedicated to exploring JavaScript patterns. Stoyan is the engineering lead of Yahoo's performance optimization tool 'YSlow', as well as other open-source tools and 'PEAR' libraries.



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If you call Date() without new, you get a string representing the current date, whether or not you pass any parameters.
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period of the Browser Wars I (approximately 1996-2001)
Dragica Korlatцитуєторік
Another name for "object" is "instance", so we say that the eagle is an instance of the Birds class.
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