J.L. Jarvis

J.L. Jarvis is an American author of historical novels, former opera singer, teacher, and lawyer. She authored such book series as American Hearts, Highland Soldiers, Highland Passage, Holiday House, and others.

Jarvis debuted with Secret Hearts, the first book in the American Hearts series, in 2011. Since she has written over 20 books, publishing six standalone novels.

Her most recent work is The Red Rose (2023), set in Edinburgh, Scotland. The story revolves around Olivia Boyd, a woman struggling after her mother's death and breakup with her boyfriend. She gets to spend a semester in Edinburgh, where she meets Max Cameron, a man managing his family's pub, and feels unfulfilled. The novel explores their journey as they navigate love, life, and personal growth in the charming setting of The Red Rose Pub.

J.L. Jarvis lives and writes books in upstate New York.

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She turned from the water and headed up Market Street and, a few blocks later
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“You dropped this.”

Confused, Ana looked at his hand, now outstretched. She stepped toward him. He placed in her hand her father’s watch, closing her fingers around it. A moment passed as tears moistened her lashes. She lifted her gaze to his, but he turned and left without letting her thank him.
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Emily was alone


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