Mike van Drongelen

Mike van Drongelen started developing software from the very first moment he had access to a computer. At the age of nine, he started programming in an obscure Basic variant. Currently, he works as a mobile solution consultant in the Netherlands. Besides this, he also runs his own start-up. He speaks English, Dutch, German, and a little French, but most of the time, he speaks Java, JavaScript, HTML, Objective C, Swift, C#, and ASP.NET. He develops Android, iOS, and .NET solutions for various customers and has some projects of his own. One of his projects is an e-learning solution called TeamSpot. Another one is Finiware, which is a company developing B2B specific solutions.
Creating better software using less code is what he is aiming for, which explains why he is interested in the lean start up methodology. In addition to this, he is interested in technology and topics such as continuous delivery, Test-driven development, and Behaviour Driven Development.
About these and other mobile related topics you can read his blog on www.mikevandrongelen.info. When he is not developing, he likes to go on trips on his motorbike or with his 2 CV.
You can find out more about his companies—Miker Works (www.mikerworks.nl), Finiware (www.finiware.nl), and TeamSpot (www.teamspot.nl)—on the Internet.


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