Ryland Peters & Small

Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books is an independent, illustrated publisher creating beautifully produced books in the areas of interior design, food and drink, craft, mindfulness and spirituality, health, humour and pop culture. We also produce delightful gifts and stationery, as well as a cracking range of books for kids!

We work with a huge range of talented authors, photographers and illustrators to ensure each of our books is individual, bespoke and unique. Our titles are packed full of beautiful images and produced to the highest standards, created with the aim of bringing pleasure, information and inspiration to our readers.

RPS was started in 1998 by David Peters, Anne Ryland and Jacqui Small, and in 2006 it acquired CICO books to become the market-leading lifestyle publishing house it is today. We have offices in London and New York, employ around 40 permanent members of staff and work with countless contributors, illustrators, authors and designers.

We publish approximately 100 books a year and we hope you enjoy owning them as much as we enjoy creating them.
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The starter takes 3–5 days to develop
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