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    As they’re trying to open up to you, they may have their palms open. Whenever they want to express anger, they’ll ball their fists
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    Chin Back and Down

    When someone does this, it could mean the person feels judging o
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    When speaking to a crowd, you should always try to make eye contact with every section of the crowd so they feel like
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    you care about them. That’s why the best public speakers always look like they’re looking directly at you.
    Then, there’s the arm crossing. We’ll get to that later on in more detail, but arm crossing has always been an interesting body position. Sometimes, people see crossed arms as nothing. You’re crossing your arms because you’re crossing your arms. Others will see this as a sign of being defensive, as a way to tell others to back off. Then, there are those who see crossed arms as a sign that you’re bored.
    Looking Up

    You may have an idea of what looking up mean. You may have even done it yourself. When someone is looking up, it’s a good sign that they’re trying to think about something. They could be recalling a memory, or figuring out their words.

    There are other reasons as to why a person may be looking up. If their eyes keep wandering, they could be bored, looking off in the distance in hopes of finding something better. Sometimes, they may look up and in another direction. They may look up and left when they’re recalling a memory, but up and right when they’re thinking of a lie. If you ever catch someone lying, see what direction they’re facing. It could be a way for you to determine if they’re lying about anything else.

    If they are looking up, but have their head down, there could be multiple ways to interpret this. The person could be judging you, or being suggestive.
    Looking Down

    If you’re talking to someone and they’re always looking down, it could be a sign that they’re afraid, guilty, or submissive. Instead of looking at you, they’re looking at the floor. Depending on the context of what is happening, this could mean any of the mentioned aspects. If they’re facing left while looking down, this could indicate they’re talking to themselves. If they’re facing right, they could be thinking about something personal. Of course, these directions could be switched from person to person.

    If the person you’re talking to is from another culture, it may be normal for them to look down. In some countries, eye contact is a sign of disrespect, and is avoided whenever possible.
    Sideways Looking

    Whenever someone is distracted, they may look sideways. Maybe they heard something, or saw something in the corner of their eye. Always look in their direction and see if there’s anything you might have missed.

    Another reason someone may be looking sideways is because the person didn’t like what you said. It may be a sign that they’re irritated. If you say something and the person looks to the side, ask if the comment hurt them.

    A quick, sideways glance could be a sign of flirtation, too. It’s a way for someone to express romantic interest without directly telling someone. Of course, don’t assume someone loves you just because they do that!
    Rolling Eyes

    Whenever someone rolls their eyes at you, it’s clear disapproval at what you’re doing. Your neighbor is shouting and screaming next door, and you roll their eyes at them. Someone who has broken promises on numerous occasions swears to you they won’t break their next promise. You roll their eyes. It’s one of the more well-known nonverbal gestures.
    The Pupils

    The pupils of your eyes can be a part of your body language as well, and it’s one of the more subtle gestures. You may not even be able to control it. The pupil can either dilate, or get larger, or contract, or get smaller.

    When someone sees something that they love, the pupils are known to dilate. Large, puppy dog eyes are symbolic with lust, love, or attraction. Or, it can be a sign of trust or that you like someone. However, pupils dilate naturally when it’s dark.

    So what happens when the pupils contract? It may mean the person is not attracted to someone else, or that you just don’t like whoever you’re meeting.

    There are some who are born with naturally big or small pupils, so pay close attention. Just because someone has small pupils all the time doesn’t mean they’re mad at you.
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