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Peter Hollins

Peter Hollins is an American bestselling author of self-help books on Amazon. He is a researcher of psychology and human behavior. As Peter says, he is a dedicated student of the human condition.

Hollins possesses a BS and MA in psychology and has worked with dozens of people from all walks of life. Before becoming a full-time writer he worked in private practice for several years.

Peter has turned his sights to writing and applying his years of education to help people improve their lives from the inside out. He is now the author of more than 100 titles, some of them translated into other languages.

Peter Hollins lives in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys hiking with his family, drinking craft beers, and attempting to paint.

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“So much to do, and not enough time to do it.”
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A clean desk can help create a clear mind, and a clear mind is much more able to remain disciplined.
If your heart is not fit enough to run the length of it, then you will find yourself stopping halfway through and giving up before you reach the finish line.


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Help people like me to finish things!

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  • Peter Hollins
    Think Less; Do More
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