Gerry Agar



He called later and told me that they were bringing in an independent co-ordinator (a freelance journalist) to run the operation, but he remained unsure if it could be made to work.
is. ‘I’m praying!’ I replied.

I returned to Liz’s house and collapsed completely. In my post-traumatic state I found that I could not countenance the idea of taking off my overcoat. I took myself to bed, refusing any offer of assistance from Liz. There I lay, on top of the bed, with the main light on. My eyes would not close and my brain would not shut off, constantly replaying the sight I had witnessed several hours before – someone I loved who’d been part of our family. Liz and Anita suggested that I should see a doctor.

For three days I did not sleep. I would drop off but instantly wake again in a panic. And I could not remove my overcoat for a week: it seemed to be my final line of defence against this crazy world I was in. Liz took over. She drove
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