Morgan Rice

Morgan Rice is recognized as one of the most popular authors in America, as her books are on different American bestseller lists. She is a successful self-published author of fantasy and sci-fi novels. Morgan’s books are available in over 25 languages.

Morgan's literary debut was in 2011. Her books most often fall into the categories of fantasy, vampire fiction, time travel, and paranormal romance. Morgan Rice is a productive author and releases several books a year.

She became USA Today's bestselling author of the epic fantasy series The Sorcerer’s Ring, comprising seventeen-book. In 2013, the first three books of her Sorcerer's Ring series were among the top 30 best-selling books on Amazon.com. In February 2016, four books from the same series were already among the top 20 highest-selling American iBooks in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy categories.

The Vampire Journals book series, comprising eleven books (and counting), was also very popular.

Morgan does not seek to advertise the facts of his biography and personal life, preferring to reveal them only in her works. Therefore, many believe that Morgan is a pseudonym hiding several authors.

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Your destiny was already written. But it is up to you to choose it
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Men at some time are masters of their fates:

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

--William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar
You…look beautiful, he said softly.


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  • Morgan Rice
    A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)
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