Amy Jen Su

Amy Jen Su, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Isis Associates, is an executive coach and speaker on issues of leadership presence and executive endurance that make a difference to a leader's performance success.Amy has a proven track record helping senior leaders more clearly articulate vision, socialize their message, and build key follower-ship as well as consider the organizational capabilities and structures necessary for delivering on the vision. She has served on the faculty and senior coaching teams for formal Leadership Development programs across a variety of industries including biotechnology, private equity, management consulting, financial services, and public service institutions. Her previous business experience includes working as a management consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton where she advised senior executives of large consumer products companies on marketing and growth strategies. She was also a strategic planner for Taco Bell Corp when it was part of PepsiCo, instrumental in helping to launch Taco Bell into non-traditional points of distribution. Amy holds a MBA from Harvard Business School and BA in Psychology from Stanford University, graduating from both with honors and distinctions. Her additional background and certifications in Integral coaching, yoga, and the Eastern philosophies provide for a unique high impact, whole-person approach.



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