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Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling is a USA Today Bestselling women author duo who write funny, sexy romances. Their books have been translated into several languages, including Portuguese, Italian, French, and German.

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to find out exactly what I signed myself up for
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What is her problem? I think Nanny Theta might belong more in the military than looking after young children.
“A clean and orderly house helps with behavioral problems. She’ll have to hire a housemaid. I do not dust, or vacuum. I don’t prepare dinners. I’m here for the children’s care only.” She stands in the middle of the room, her arms crossed and her judgmental eyes taking in every surface of the house.
Payne scurries further behind my legs than before.
“That should really wait until Layla is here. Let me text her and see when she’s due back.”
“Her tardiness is not a good sign,” she snips.
“I’m pretty sure you’re early.”
Her head twists fast and abruptly, her eyes glaring. “Being early is being on time. I’m sure she wouldn’t like it if I was late.”
I release an annoyed breath. This woman is horrendous. “Please take a seat and we’ll be right back.”
She pats the cushion, brushing something away with her hand, and then sits on the edge of the couch.
I pull my phone out, but the front door opens and Layla comes barreling in, an exhausted look on her face.
“Is that minivan her?” she asks, with Via propped on her hip.
I’ve never been attracted to a woman because she’s holding a baby, but there’s something about Layla when Via is plastered to her side that makes me want to kiss her.
“Yeah.” I hold out my arms, hoping to take Via from her so she can interview the dragon lady.
I smile wide, but Via’s hand clings to her mom’s blouse, popping a button open and granting me a glimpse at her red, lacy bra. My dick shifts in my pants and so I do the same to try to hide the evidence.
“It’s okay, I’ll just do it with her.” She runs into the other room before I have a chance to tell her about her blouse.
At first all I hear are their muffled introductions, but then Layla calls for Payne.
He shakes his head frantically at me, begging me with his eyes not to send him in there.
“It’s okay, just go.” I nudge him forward a little but his feet stop. “I’ll go with you.”
I push him forward, his legs straight, his socks sliding on the hardwood floors. Layla widens her eyes at us when we enter the room.
“He’s just being …” I start.
“Shy,” Layla says, finishing my sentence.
“I already told him that that word is a terrible word to use in front of children,” Nanny Theta says. “It makes the boy—”
“Think that shyness is appropriate,” I say. “Nanny Theta also doesn’t believe in treating them like children.”
I sit down and Payne plops down next to m
Зули Дышековацитує2 роки тому
to find out exactly what I signed myself up for


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