Joseph Pilates



Darya Omelianenkoцитуєторік
PERFECT Balance of Body and Mind, is that quality in civilized man, which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him with all the physical and mental powers that are indispensable for attaining the goal of Mankind -HEALTH and HAPPINESS.
Darya Omelianenkoцитуєторік
All new ideas are revolutionary and when the theory responsible for them is proved, through practical application, it requires only time for them to develop and to flourish. Such revolutionary ideas simply cannot be ignored. They cannot be kept in the background.

Time and progress are synonymous terms-nothing can stop either.

Truth will prevail and that is why I know that my teachings will reach the masses and finally be adopted as universal.
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conflicting information, expressive of the different opinions of these various health authorities, has proved to be nothing less than "confusion worse confounded" to the millions of radio listeners, readers of newspapers and magazines, who are so unfortunate as to hear or read the diametrically opposed viewpoints of our so-called guardians of our health, since it is rather the exception than the rule, that these instructions are in agreement in their ideas and methods
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