Cassandra Parkin

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    It won’t be easy, but so what? I love him and I’m happy. What else matters?”
    “You look happy,” Diane admitted. “God, you even look like you belong. I feel like a complete freak! Literally everyone else here is famous. Everyone! I can see them looking at me and trying to work out who I am. How did you know who to invite?”
    “Oh, I asked his manager. He said it was a good idea. Well, actually first of all he said he didn’t care if Jack was rotting away in a ditch. But I told him there was a new album, and then he said it was a good idea.”
    “That’s hobnobbing,” said Diane. “My best friend is hobnobbing with music industry moguls. Crazy.” She picked up Evie’s left hand and played idly with her ring finger. “Any chance of...”
    Evie laughed. “It’s still early days.”
    “I bet he’s a handful to live with.”
    “No, actually he’s great. Anyway, he’s working a lot of the time.”
    Diane stroked the heavy brown
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    “You’re too good to be true, you are.”
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    “Jesus, Jack, if you die falling out of a tree I’ll...”

    “Kill me?”
  • Lovianty Bцитуєторік
    Still, it almost felt like enough, to have got this far, to have made this strange, difficult journey to another place, another world, another life.
  • anne !цитуєторік
    The policeman looked thoughtfully at the rucksack.
  • bholoafiyaцитуєторік
    “Bit early to be drinking, isn’t it? Not even lunchtime yet.”
  • Hwa Youngцитуєторік
    Bit early to be drinking, isn’t it? Not even lunchtime yet.”

    Let's not worry about the fact that he is drinking in the morning...

  • Hwa Youngцитуєторік
    “Running away’s bloody hard, you know. You might think it solves everything, but it mostly makes it worse.”
  • Hwa Youngцитуєторік
    “Look, you’re not causing any aggro, so I’ll leave you alone if you want. But you’d do better to sort it. If you’re getting hit, we’ll help, but you have to ask. Alright?”

    It's a cute character. I like that policeman

  • Shanel Mejilaцитує4 місяці тому
    his rucksack between his knees
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