Bhakti Mehta

Bhakti Mehta is the author of Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON, Packt Publishing, published in 2013. She has more than 13 years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing software solutions on top of Java EE and other related technologies. She is passionate about open source software development and has been one of the founding members of GlassFish Open Source Application Server.
Bhakti has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science. Her areas of research include architecting solutions for resiliency, scalability, reliability, and performance with respect to server-side technologies, web services, and cloud applications.
Currently, Bhakti is a Senior Software Engineer at Blue Jeans Network. As part of her current role, she works on developing RESTful services that can be consumed by ISV partners and the developer community. She also works on the backend infrastructure and is responsible for performance, scalability, and reliability of the services. Bhakti is a regular speaker at different conferences and has authored numerous articles, blogs, and tech tips at different portals such as and Dzone. In her spare time, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and reading.
Bhakti's tweets can be followed at @bhakti_mehta.
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