Lee Roderick

Lee Roderick is an award-winning journalist and author with broad national and international experience. During two decades in Washington, D.C. he was bureau chief for Scripps League Newspapers--30 papers in 15 states. He directed a staff of reporters, personally covered the White House and Congress, and wrote a national political column. Roderick traveled the globe covering major stories and was the only U.S. correspondent to succeed in interviewing Americans held hostage by Iran before their release in 1981. Roderick in 1988 was elected by his peers as president of the National Press Club--the leading public forum in the United States for national and world leaders. A native of Idaho, he returned to the Mountain West in 1990 as managing editor and then news director at KSL Television in Salt Lake City. His book career began with the critically acclaimed Leading the Charge: Orrin Hatch and 20 Years of America (Gold Leaf Press, 1994). He has since written seven other books, including True Wealth: The Vision and Genius of Innovator James LeVoy Sorenson (Probitas Press, 2017). His feature articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, American Heritage, Christian Science Monitor, and Parade magazine among other publicans. Roderick majored in journalism and political science at Utah State University, where he edited the campus newspaper and was student body president. He served a two-year mission to New Zealand for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As an undergraduate he was the northern Utah-Southern Idaho reporter for the Associated Press. Roderick received a master's degree in international affairs from George Washington University. He received an honorary doctorate from Southern Utah University. Roderick and his wife Yvonne have six children and live in northern Utah.


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