Alexandra Singer

Alexandra Singer is a prize-winning novelist and linguist who, as a former business lawyer, specializes in commercial and legal writing and trends. She is the author of the novel Tea At The Grand Tazi (2012). Her debut book won Dylan Thomas Literary Prize in 2012.

Alexandra Singer earned a degree in Italian and History at the University of Birmingham and La Sapienza Università di Roma.

Singer was a director of TransLex Italian and worked in Italy, primarily in Rome, until she returned to England to complete a law degree in London. She trained at Norton Rose Fulbright in international corporate law before completing an M.A. in Bioethics and Medical Law at the University of Manchester.

Alexandra Singer worked as senior executive editor of the Italian Law Journal and was a ghostwriter with Gotham Ghostwriters, New York.

Now she specializes in Italian>English comparative law and provides legal document drafting services.

Alexandra Singer lives in Manchester.

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