Liz Bankes

Liz Bankes grew up in Sevenoaks (or One-oak as it should be called since six of the oaks fell down).As a child she was passionate about books, the Beano and Ryan Giggs.She has been writing since she was little, drawing plenty of cartoons and comic strips, giving them to her family to read and then waiting patiently (staring at them intensely) until they laughed. In year 6 she co-wrote, with a friend, The Sealyham Story (like the Iliad, but in Wales), which was scandalously ignored by all the major literary prizes. Then at secondary school she wrote a story about a woman who killed people and turned them into pies. Instead of a referral to a psychologist the school gave her a creative writing prize and sent her on her way.Since then she’s been writing book reviews and blog posts (find out more on her blog site) and, secretly, more stories. Irresistible is Liz Bankes' first published book.Source :


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