William Sydney Porter, writing as O. Henry, wrote in a dry, humorous style and, as in "The Gift of the Magi," often ironically used coincidences and surprise endings. Released from prison in 1902, Porter went to New York, his home and the setting of most of his fiction for the remainder of his life. Writing prodigiously, he went on to become a revered American writer.
роки життя: 11 Вересня 1862 5 Червня 1910




Анастасия Скрылёвацитує2 роки тому
scout of fortune and progress

искатель удачи и прогресса

Анастасия Скрылёвацитує2 роки тому
steeped in the throes

погружаться в агонию (глагол - мучаться)

Анастасия Скрылёвацитує2 роки тому
his type drew them

его типаж притягивающий их

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