Cynthia Lucas

After reading countless romance novels, Cynthia Lucas decided to put her love of writing and 'the desire to inspire' to good use and write her own.Her first self-published novel, When Lightning Strikes, combines her love of exotic culture, time-travel, swashbuckling and heated romance. It has garnered excellent reviews from readers who want more of her enchanting writing style that leaves them feeling as though they've lived the story. The book has been enjoying a lengthy stay in the Top 20 of's Top 100 Best Sellers in Time Travel Romance and has recently reached #1, and after countless requests for a sequel, QUICKSILVER MOON was released in the fall of 2012.An avid blogger who often writes short articles for her own and others sites, Ms. Lucas says she finds one of the greatest pleasures in life, is helping other artists and writers to ignite their creative spark, and get their 'inner glow' going so that they too, may reach for their star.Cynthia is also an accomplished singer/songwriter in the musical act NORTH 2 SOUTH and is an international songwriting competition Song of the Year nominee and award winning vocalist and lyricist. She currently resides in Largo, FL with her husband of twenty years, their daughter and several pets, including exotic birds and wildlife that she rehabs as a hobby.Other titles by Ms. Lucas: Blood from a Stone (2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Second Round Pick); a modern-gothic romance sprinkled with a bit of paranormal intrigue, plenty of humor and is a touching story of redemption and the power of the human spirit. It has received glowing reviews from readers and reviewers alike.
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