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    Chapter One: Ice Planet

    Chapter Two: Nasty Men

    Chapter Three: Alien Eyes

    Chapter Four: A Nice Trophy

    Chapter Five: Green Slime

    Chapter Six: A Storm Coming

    Chapter Seven: Real Danger

    Chapter Eight: Big Momma
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    cell had been used to house old furniture in need of repair and was cluttered, but dry and relatively clean. Rather than make him wait while they emptied it completely, they'd left a few pieces behind. A cracked washtub, a rickety table, and my old bed with the broken leg weren't much, but they were more than most prisoners had.
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    When she sees me she mouths, “
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    Time off can feel impossible and is a luxury that many cannot afford. But can you find ten minutes to give yourself and start from there? Can you gift yourself thirty minutes of quiet time, to turn away from the world and tune into yourself to see what happens, without scrolling on your phone?
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    ‘Batter-Sea is not a word,’ I said at last. ‘It has no referent. There is nothing in the World corresponding to that combination of sounds.’
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    the hydrangea her father had planted, that was to bloom pink or blue depending on the soil. It did not prove to Ruma that her father had loved her mother, or even that he missed her. And yet he had put it there, honored her before turning to another woman
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    “I don’t understand,” my father said.

    “Neither do I,” I replied. “You haven’t wanted a picture of anything in years.”

    “That’s not true.”

    “It is.”
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    Name one hero who was happy.”
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    “I can’t.”

    “I know. They never let you be famous and happy.”
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    I do not speak. I can see the temper rising in him. It is like watching a storm come, when there is no shelter.
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