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Jack Goldstein

Jack Goldstein is an English author of many books, including the 101 amazing facts series and a range of quiz books with fellow authors Frankie Taylor and Jimmy Russell. He works and lives in London.

Not be confused with Jack Goldstein, a Canadian-born, California-based performance and conceptual artist.





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There are rumours that JK Rowling isn’t finished with Harry potter just yet - although no-one can say what age Harry would be if she does write another book.
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Diana’s part in the organisation of this treaty was recognised however, and a few months after her death she was awarded with a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize.
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he Harry Potter books have been translated into more than sixty-five languages – including the ‘dead’ language of Latin


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This book showed me all kinds of awesome harry potter facts. Would definitely recommend

  • Jack Goldstein
    Harry Potter – The Ultimate Book of Facts
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    Nice compilation of trivia

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    It was sooo interesting and weird I love the Description and the hyperboles

    Перетягніть файли сюди, не більш ніж 5 за один раз