Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler has 35 years' experience as a coach and leader in the field of personal empowerment. She is the creator and lead developer of The Ken Blanchard Company’s Optimal Motivation program.Susan Fowler is widely known as one of the foremost experts on personal empowerment. Her extensive experience and knowledge gained through 15 years of advertising, sales, production, and marketing across the United States has fueled her quest to help individuals achieve their highest levels of success. Susan is a catalyst for CHANGE through Compelling evidence, Humor, Accelerated learning, Next steps, Global perspective, and Emotional connections. Susan’s experiential presentations are fast paced, research based, and humor filled. Her vibrant, high-energy style delights and enthralls audiences worldwide. With every opportunity, Susan strives to help people discover the optimal balance and connection among their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. She is the coauthor of more than six books, including Situational Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard and Laurie Hawkins, Achieve Leadership Genius with Drea Zigarmi and Dick Lyles, Leading at a Higher Level with Ken Blanchard, The Team Leader’s Idea-a-Day Guide with Drea Zigarmi, Empowerment with Ken Blanchard, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds with Dick Lyles, as well as audio programs on Mentoring—Fostering Your Careers Most Crucial Relationships and Overcoming Procrastination. She is the lead author of Blanchard’s Optimal Motivation product line and currently writing a book on the topic, and her own book, Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work …And What Does.Susan received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and business from the University of Colorado and is a professor in the Master of Science for Executive Leadership program at the University of San Diego. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Angel Faces, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adolescent girls with severe burn/trauma injuries.
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