Douglas Smith

American writer, historian and translator best known for his books about the history of Russia.
роки життя: 7 Листопада 1962 теперішній час


Alena Shlyakhovayaцитуєторік
see whether the man he had come to arrest would survive.
Alena Shlyakhovayaцитуєторік
A revolution made in the name of the poor would destroy their lives in even greater numbers than those of the rich, the revolution’s original targets.
Alena Shlyakhovayaцитуєторік
even at the darkest depths of the terror, daily life went on: men and women fell in love; children were born; friends gathered; simple pleasures were cherished. Ultimately, Former People is a testament to humans’ remarkable ability to find happiness even amid the most harrowing of circumstances.
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