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Robert Sheckley

One of science fiction's great humorists, Sheckley was a prolific short story writer beginning in 1952 with titles including "Specialist", "Pilgrimage to Earth", "Warm", "The Prize of Peril", and "Seventh Victim", collected in volumes from Untouched by Human Hands (1954) to Is That What People Do? (1984) and a five-volume set of Collected Stories (1991). His first novel, Immortality, Inc. (1958), was followed by The Status Civilization (1960), Journey Beyond Tomorrow (1962), Mindswap (1966), and several others. Sheckley served as fiction editor for Omni magazine from January 1980 through September 1981, and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001.
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They were bored to death even with their own thoughts and dreams, bored with the attack they expected momentarily.
Ирина Осипенкоцитуєторік
As professional soldiers, they couldn't help but speculate on the enemy and his weapons. It was their shop talk.
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is. But we protect rights, not victims. Your rights are not being violated.


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