Jean Ritchie

Jean Ritchie is a British journalist and author with twenty-one successful books under her belt. Her titles range from ghosted autobiographies to investigative non-fiction and true crime stories. Not to be confused with Jean Ruth Ritchie, an American folk singer.

Her writing career began with journalism. Jean Ritchie was a reporter for the Daily Mail, then moved to the Sun as a feature writer, where she covered show business, politics, human life, and investigations.

Among her early books was a true story of the UK's worst serial killer, Dr. Harold Shipman, Prescription for Murder (2000), co-authored with Brian Whittle. Jean also has written four authorized Big Brother (Channel 4 Books) books and co-wrote Little Girl Lost (Arrow, 2006), one of Richard and Judy's True titles.

She has ghostwritten several titles, including Wherever You Are: The Military Wives (2013), The Yorkshire Shepherdess (2013), and the Sunday Times bestselling sequel A Year in the life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess (2016).

She was the ghostwriter for Daisy's Gift (2016), which tells the remarkable story of a cancer-detecting dog. She also wrote the heartwarming The Dog Rescuers (2018), chronicling the RSPCA's true 'tails' of rescuing and re-homing dogs.

In 2020, she released a collection of stories of fatal attraction, Kiss of Death, where obsessional sexual desire is the common thread through tragic examples of how death can come at the hands of a once trusted and loved partner.

Her most recent, I Am A Killer (2022), is based on the successful Netflix documentary series of the same name. This book features ten of the most compelling cases from the first two series and is filled with exclusive never-seen-before material.




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