Henry Drummond

Henry Drummond, a Scottish evangelist and lecturer, was born in Sterling, Scotland on August 7,1851. He was educated at Edinburgh University and, in 1877, became a lecturer on science at the Free Church College of Glasgow. Drummond was a geologist and explorer who spent a portion of time away from the classroom on scientific expeditions. As a Christian, he combined his knowledge of science with his understanding of the Creator and His diverse creations. Beyond his work as a scientist, Drummond was a man of God who desired to see men and women come to Christ. He accompanied Dwight L. Moody on many of his revival missions in England and Ireland. It was through this association that Moody encouraged Drummond to share his heartfelt thoughts on biblical love; Drummond did so and Moody was so impressed by the address that, after its publication, he had it read to his students each year. Henry Drummond died on March 11, 1897. Although he had written several books for the science world, none has reached the fame of The Greatest Thing in the World or endured as it has.



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