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    If a train is large and comfortable you don't even need a destination; a corner seat is enough, and you can be one of those travellers who stay in motion, straddling the tracks, and never arrive or feel they ought to
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    “Would you really run away, without waiting to find out what it’s all about?”

    “Of course I would. Remember, it was curiosity that killed the cat.”

    “What about what you taught me when I was a child? Never leave a room without looking in all the drawers.”

    “Ah, yes. But then people weren’t falling over in bathtubs.”

    “Hypocrite. Deep down you’re dying to know what this is all about.”

    Cesar looked reproachful.

    “To say that I’m dying to do so, my dear, is in the worst possible taste, given the circumstances. Dying is exactly what I don’t want to do, now that I’m nearly an old man and have all these adorable young men to comfort me in my old age. And I don’t want you to die either.”
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    You start off as a staunch supporter of white or red Burgundy: the best companion until you’re into your thirties. But then, though without renouncing Burgundy completely, it’s time to move on to Bordeaux: a wine for adults, serious and even-tempered. Only in your forties can you bring yourself to pay out a fortune for a crate of Petrus or Chateau d’Yquem.
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    Quite innocently, Julia imagined him naked, in the half-light of Cesar’s bedroom, beautiful and silent as a marble statue, his blond hair fallen over his face, with what Cesar termed, using a euphemism Julia believed he’d stolen from Cocteau, the golden sceptre, erect and ready to be tempered in the antrum amoris of his mature companion
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    his bones would doubtless tremble with pleasure beneath his dusty gravestone in the crypt
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    Like a Charles Stuart climbing to the scaffold almost as if he were doing so as a favour to the executioner, with his already rehearsed “Remember” on his lips and in the hope that he would be beheaded in profile, as he appeared on the coins struck in his image.
    And really, it is a world of much enchantment, with luminous entities far surpassing in variety and in sheer delightful wonder anything found on other planets. Scientists compute that there are more forms of life in the ocean
    And come to think of it, he hadn’t noticed her beside him in bed as he had groggily gotten up this morning.
    Damn this worn-out contraption; it’s dead as a doornail
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