Nick McDonell

Robert Nicholas "Nick" McDonell is an American writer.He attended the Buckley School (New York City), the Riverdale Country School, and was graduated from Harvard College in January 2007.He wrote the novel Twelve in 2002, at age 17. The subject of the novel is disaffection, despair, drug use and violence among a group of wealthy Manhattan teenagers during Christmas break. The publication of McDonell's novel at such a young age was the subject of many articles in high-profile publications such The New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly.Twelve has been translated into over twenty languages, was on all major American best-seller lists, UK bestseller lists and was number one on German bestseller lists. Suggestions of Nepotism: Both McDonell’s parents are writers and editors. His mother Joan McDonell is a novelist and screenwriter. His father, Terry McDonell is editor of Sports Illustrated and was once managing editor of Rolling Stone where Hunter Thompson was a contributing editor and a friend. Thompson gave a quote to McDonell when Twelve was published, as did Richard Price and Joan Didion, both personal friends of the family. Morgan Entrekin president and publisher of Grove/Atlantic which published the book is close to the family as well.



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