Sarah Oliver

I am a celebrity journalist and biographer. I have met Robert Pattinson and most of the Twilight cast - so if you have teenagers that love Twilight, I'm the author you need!I'm proof that you don't have to be old and boring to be an author. My first book was Be the Best - an inspirational book for young rugby players. I started coaching a boys' rugby team when I was sixteen, and we became one of the most successful in the country in our age group. Six years later, I decided to write the first book that looks at every stage - from being in a mini team, to trials, and to county level. My book teaches self-confidence and will inspire any child to become a better rugby player.After dabbling in scriptwriting, I became an editorial assistant and then the editor of an online entertainment magazine. I started writing articles about Robert Pattinson and to date I have written over 700. In May 2010, Robert Pattinson A-Z came out, closely followed by Glee A-Z. In October, I had two books published: Taylor Lautner A-Z and The Wanted A-Z. My fifth celebrity biography, Miley Cyrus A-Z, came out in May 2011.
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