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    comforter on her bed,
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    Perversely, it was his very cool-headedness, his discretion and diplomacy, that piqued her
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    her size 2 figure was poured perfectly into her red slip-dress.
    The melee in the courtyard
    Drifting past the sign
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    Ali flashed a huge smile at Pascal. “Oh, yes,” she said with confidence. “Handray will come back. Allah will only let him
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    single one.

    “You marry Matthew?” he said with a choked laugh. “By God, Ali, if we weren’t in a public place I’d shake you till your
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    ts, the family assumed they’d slept together.”

    “Ah,” Andre said. “Practical.”

    “Of c
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    nice to see the warmth back in his eyes. “Oh, Nicholas, I have missed
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    out a great long anguished cry, then pushed her aside and bega
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