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No Exit Press is an award-winning crime imprint first introduced in 1987. From classic detective novels and page-turning spy thrillers to singular writing that just grabs the attention, our books are carefully crafted by some of the world’s finest writers and brought to you by a small but passionate team.

n over 30 years, No Exit Press has published award-winning fiction and non-fiction. Our catalogue includes a Pulitzer Prize winner, the British Crime Book of the Year, multiple CWA Dagger Award recipients, a British million-copy bestselling author, and winners of the Canadian Governor General’s Award for Fiction and the Scotiabank Giller Prize, to name but a few.
роки життя: 1985 теперішній час

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Andreea Elenaцитуєторік
“You can never go wrong praising a writer for his writing.” Gualeschi blinked with amusement behind his glasses.

“But everyone must praise you, all the time.”

“Not enough for my satisfaction, or with sufficient specificity. My mother thinks my apartment is too big, but I fill it with my ego.”
namouchinourelhouda57цитує3 місяці тому
layer upon layer
namouchinourelhouda57цитує2 місяці тому
Elegantly written and utterly chilling. A dark and twisting novel of psychological suspense that will have you turning pages and checking your locks’ Emma Viskic, author of Those Who Perish
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