Gerry Souter

Gerry Souter is a professional American author who writes books for traditional publishers and has fun exploring the English language and researching historical and factual information for fiction and non-fiction volumes.

Gerry Souter studied academics for a BAE degree at the University of Chicago. He also earned Graduate honors in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Before becoming a full-time author, Souter exhibited his paintings and photographs at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Phoenix Art Museum, and several other galleries.

In 1995 Gerry and his wife Janet Souter formed Avril 1 Group, Inc. Today, they are among the most prolific writing teams internationally, with more than 60 titles in catalogs.

Avril 1 Group has had 58 non-fiction books traditionally published for 25 publishers in hardcover and paperback on American History, Military History, Western History, Fine Arts, Biography, Young Adult, Government Careers, Computers, Business, Audio Visual Applications, Auto racing (NASCAR) and Memoir.

Gerry Souter has written more than 20 books. The sharpness of his writing and his visual experience add a dynamic aspect to the study of the lives of artists and the description of their works.

In 2019 Souter published his debut novel, A Thread of Sand.

Gerry Souter has been a member of the Board of Directors of Arlington Heights Historical Society since 2016. He is a professional speaker on historical topics.

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