Peter Chiykowski

Peter Chiykowski lives and schemes in Toronto, Canada. He writes Rock, Paper, Cynic, an Aurora Award-winning online comic that's been shared by George Takei, tweeted by Nathan Fillion, and featured on He’s also a founding member of the Half-Cat Field Research Organization. His collaborative research on half-cats has been published in the staff-picked Kickstarter book Half-Cat: A Partial History, as well as presented as a TEDx talk and presented at the Kickstarter headquarters in New York.He is co-editor of Fearsome Fables, an annual for-charity anthology of comics, short stories and poems from contributors around the world.His own poems and short stories have been published in Asimov's Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Imaginarium: Best Canadian Speculative Writing, Best Canadian Poetry in English, The New Quarterly, and a bunch of other magazines and anthologies across North America. He briefly held the world record for being the youngest living person.
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