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Abduo Razakцитуєминулого місяця
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Abduo Razakцитуєминулого місяця
About the Book

The Niger Delta Militants, has the name implies, summarizes the event of militancy in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria within 1999 till 2009. It is an attempt to capture a significant portion of Nigerian history that relates with youths and violence. The cause and effect of militancy as well as its solution is objectively portrayed in the play with the objective of advocating dialogue as the most effective solution to any form of national crisis.

The play, primary, appeals to the youths to cultivate the habit of employing peaceful protest to demand for their fundamental human right. They are equally encouraged to imbibe values such as diligence, productivity and patriotism since they reflect dignity of man. On the other hand, it reflects how the government is expected to respond to issue relating to youths. In most cases, agitators are greeted with violence. This is contrary to the law of leadership. Agitators, in such situation, simply take a cue from such to take up arms as we have in the case of Niger Delta Militants.

This book is timely in the sense that it proffers solution to various crises greeting the national polity. It is also highly recommended to the younger ones since the future of the nation lies in their hands.
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