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    Keyword research is relatively simple – you can undertake basic research at
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    Once you've found a profitable overall keyword, you'll need to check out your competition -
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    You can place that information in a spreadsheet for reference – or use programs like article architect to extend on your research (affiliate link for article architect)
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    Open up both Google and Yahoo, and start plugging your keywords into it
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    you can then divide your 'competition' number by the total of your searches (a number
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    the nitty gritty
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    Looking at problem solving as an art can help you to become more appreciative of
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    Looking at problem solving as an art can help
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    Again, sometimes simple problem solving techniques just are not going to work because some problems require more problem solving skills. You run into problems every day, from flat tires to saving a failing product line. You are a problem solver and you probably do not even realize it. You should pay attention to your problem solving skills.

    It is common for people to take problem solving for granted. We do it so much that it is not hard to believe that it becomes second nature. It is this familiarity with problem solving that leads up to take it for granted and to not be creative with our problem solving anymore. If you think about how you solved problems when you were a child, chances are that you were much more creative then. Now you likely go straight to the tried and true methods instead of trying new things.

    The problem with this is that taking problem solving for granted can make you a lazy problem solver. You may no longer spend time trying to solve a problem but rather go to a tried and true solution. It may not be the best solution but since you are a lay problem solver, you do not take the time to actually use your problem solving skills to try to come up with a better solution.

    Problem solving can be an amazing process, but it is up to you to make it that way instead of just something you do because you have to. You have the ability to become a great problem solver, but you have to begin looking at it as an art.

    Problem Solving from a Child’s View
    As mentioned, children solve problems much differently from adults. That is because children have less skill in problem solving and far less experience with problems and problem solving. The way children solve problems can teach you a lot.

    A child approaches a problem with an open mind. That is probably not something you do. You probably approach a problem with some preconceived notions about how it is all going to end. You probably come at it with a negative attitude and look at the problem as an annoyance. A child, on the other hand, looks at it as a challenge. They think of a problem as a great mystery and are excited about solving it.
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    Just like your brain, stomach and heart, your skin is also a valuable organ. As a matter of fact, it is the largest organ in the body. However, it is very easy for us to take our skin for granted. Unless there is a problem, you might not give much attention to your skin, but you have to understand that the skin has a crucial task to do.

    Our skin can multitask, as it has many essential functions and all of which are primarily designed to help keep the body working properly. If you will not pay attention to the health of your skin, it will not work effectively as it should.

    The skin is like a bodyguard, as it offers a great level of protection. One of the most valuable jobs of the skin is to serve as a barrier to different harmful environmental aggressors such as UV radiation, bacteria and germs. The acid
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