Dan Fox

Dan Fox is an English writer, filmmaker, and musician. He authored Limbo (2018), Pretentiousness: Why It Matters (2016) and Nine Lives (2011). Pretentiousness was a New York Times Notable Book. His essays and reviews have been published widely. Outlets include n+1, the Paris Review, and the Financial Times.

Dan Fox has worked for Frieze magazine for twenty years. His roles included editor and staff writer. Fox has served as a juror for the Turner Prize and the Hugo Boss Award. In 2021, he received an Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. He is a consulting editor for The Yale Review.

Nine Lives is the first novel from Dan Fox. The author writes about life, asking questions and provoking thoughts about emotions and feelings that touch us all. He has a distinctive voice, a unique style of writing which flows and is somewhat poetic. With an incredibly honest approach and a certain rawness, his writing gives a deep and meaningful insight into love and life.

His essay, Limbo, combines memoir with meditations on creative block. It also explores the cultural history of limbo. The book includes various themes and characters. These include artists, ghosts, and sailors. The book argues for the importance of stagnancy in growth. Limbo received critical acclaim and was listed in The White Review Books of the Year 2018 and The Irish Times Books of 2018.

His other book, Pretentiousness: Why It Matters, discusses the value of ambition in culture. It received praise from various authors. These include Jarvis Cocker, Tom McCarthy, Chris Kraus, Michael Bracewell, and Elif Batuman.

Fox co-directed Other, Like Me: The Oral History of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle. It premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The film was nominated for a 2022 Grierson Award.

He co-founded Junior Aspirin Records in 2001. As a musician, he has performed on nearly twenty albums and singles. He has played concerts worldwide. Venues include the Centre Pompidou and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Fox co-created the sci-fi comedy show Extra Extra Radio for NTS Radio. He writes a regular substack called Keep All Your Friends.

Dan Fox is based in New York.

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