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Robin Sacredfire

Robin Sacredfire is a mystic, occultist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of 22 Lions Bookstore. He currently lives in Collingswood, New Jersey.


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You don’t learn to love by reading books on relationships, you don’t learn to fight by watching Bruce Lee’s movies, you don’t lose weight by watching sports on TV, and you can’t become better person by merely reading about it. You have to apply whatever you see, learn and understand. You have to do to become.
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Anyone can be awesome,
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pulsation for aggression


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Sooooooooo gooood

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    Most of these persons were very poor and from humble backgrounds, often immigrants in foreign countries, and had absolutely nothing when starting their own business.

    They persisted with a mindset that is still part of who they are today.

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    Robin Sacredfire
    How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea
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    I’ve learnt that I can manifest who I want to become in life.

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