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John Milton

  • .цитує2 роки тому
    What reinforcement we may gain from hope,

    If not, what resolution from despair."
  • b6111965420цитуєторік
    heavens and earth
    Rose out of Chaos: or, if Sion hill
    Delight thee more, and Siloa's brook that flowed
  • b6111965420цитуєторік
    The dismal situation waste and wild.
    A dungeon horrible, on all sides round,
    As one great furnace flamed; yet from those flames
    No light; but rather darkness visible
  • b6111965420цитуєторік
    Regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace
    And rest can never dwell, hope never comes
    That comes to all, but torture
  • b6111965420цитуєторік
    With ever-burning sulphur unconsumed.
  • b6111965420цитуєторік
    With floods and whirlwinds of tempestuous fire,
  • .цитує2 роки тому
    Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.
  • yusmajamaltariqцитуєторік
    One next himself in power, and next in crime,

    Long after known in Palestine, and named

    Beelzebub. To whom th' Arch-Enemy,
  • yusmajamaltariqцитуєторік
    All is not lost—the unconquerable will,

    And study of revenge, immortal hate,

    And courage never to submit or yield:

    And what is else not to be overcome?

    That glory never shall his wrath or might

    Extort from me. To bow and sue for grace

    With suppliant knee, and deify his power

    Who, from the terror of this arm, so late
  • NAYELI CHIRSTELL ACOSTA GARCIAцитуєминулого місяця
    Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven
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